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pulse Dashboard
// Heartbeat of your business
The convenience of being able to view your business in realtime, remotely - The Ultimate Dashboard.
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pulse dashboard for business realbox pulse dashboard data science company in delhi data science company in india business intelligence software realtime data analytics
// take power in your own hands
An omni channel business intelligence platform for brick and mortar businesses that is capable of connecting to any business management software and be able to generate realtime actionable insights for the management to evaluate.

It is easily executable remotely and works with hardware or software you already have. Moreover, it changes nothing at the base operational level in order to function. Its a self-sustainable echo system which works on any domain.

We work with Retail, Restaurants, Salon and Cinema Industries, basically if you have a physical store you can call us for anything.
data analysts for domains
financial services
banking securities & investments
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consumer goods analytics
retail & wholesale analytics
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inventory analysis
transportation and warehouse analytics
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automobile analytics
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health & wellness
wellness analysis
heatlhcare analytics
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Now you can easily make customer profile
analyse / optimize / deploy
Your data hides the clues for optimizing operations and creating tangible marketing road maps. We are here, a one-stop shop to help you realize the potential and help you increase your sales.
sales and variance reports
sales report
Look at real-time sales report for multiple location, track and compare growth.
variance report
Identify differences between the planned financial outcomes and the actual financial outcomes.
retention by cohort
Define your cohorts and immediately compare how different behaviors impact retention.
sales matrix
Find matrix that most strongly correlates with growth in sales.
user behaviour insights
customer profiling
Behavioral Cohorts that allows you to create a custom definition of a group or profile of users based on the events.
cohort analysis
To get a deeper understanding of your users and how they interact with product, analyze users based on behaviors.
campaigns success
Get marketing campaign success report for various groups in realtime based on sms, email, social media engagement.
conversion report
Track conversion and impact of campaigns and collaborative return on investment, over week, months or year.
with pulse create custom reports
Work with our team of data specialists to learn best metrics suitable to derive most out of your data.
Pulse is a No SQL based analytics platform that is 20 times faster than traditional platform.
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analytics platform
// take power in your own hands
Built for analysts
Tightly integrated SQL, Python, and reporting tools give you the power and flexibility to answer any question and deliver meaningful recommendations.
Collaborative & Accessible
As the source of truth for your company's analytical work, Realbox helps analysts and business partners move in lock-step toward impactful decisions.
Painless Deploy & Maintenance
Just connect your database and start exploring. Realbox makes sharing easy, empowers others, and frees analysts from meticulous data model maintenance.
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